March 16, 2023 β€” 4 min read

Meet Yoofi Quansah

Mark Phelps
Hello, Yoofi!

Photo by Dejan Zakic on Unsplash

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Flipt team, Yoofi Quansah - a Senior Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience and a love of developer tooling. With his impressive background and skills, we are confident that he will play a significant role in advancing our mission of helping engineers everywhere deploy software to production without fear.

Here's what Yoofi had to say about his background and decision to join the Flipt team:

Hello πŸ‘‹, my name is Yoofi Quansah. I've had quite the journey to finally find my way here at Flipt, but let me not bore you with details you probably don’t want to know and get to the fun stuff!

Before writing code, I was actually 99% positive I was going to make it to the NFL (as we all were). I am writing this blog post now, so you know that didn't happen πŸ™‚, but I am very happy with how my life has turned out so far. I started my career out building simple developer tools over at Honey. After I got over the hump of imposter syndrome and really got into my work, we started to build some really cool tools on the team. These tools included our own feature flagging service (foreshadowing), deployment platforms, and testing platforms to name a few. Everything was cool right? Not quite. I realized that even though we were building these cool tools, we were not really getting much recognition for it, and even worse the engineers were relatively slow to adapt. It was quite draining, to say the least.

Enter July 2019... My life changed when I went to Gophercon. I found people who were building developer tools and directly interacting with customers with the tools they built. Wow. It was at that point that I knew I wanted to write Go, and work with a company that interacted directly with developers as their customers. After all, it is pretty nice to see the value of the products that you build for others to use directly. The result of all this was me leaving my job at Honey, and joining InfluxData in August of 2020, where I met George!

InfluxData was an incredible experience. I met tons of smart people, which allowed me to hone my craft as an engineer. It also allowed me to realize exactly what I wanted out of my career, which was to build incredible features for engineers to use. Most of my time there was taken up building the next generation of the query engine, which solved a wealth of problems we were facing with the old one. George introduced me to the grand idea of Flipt, all Mark has already done already, and the future outlook/potential roadmap in early 2023. Even though I was quite happy at InfluxData, I fell in love with the challenge, and all that is being hoped to accomplish.

Combined with my previous experience helping out building a feature flagging service at Honey, and a whole lot of issues I ran into with feature flags both at Honey and InfluxData, I believe there is a bright future for this critical piece of software development and delivery. I am happy to be here, and hack on!

Welcome Yoofi, we are lucky to have you! πŸš€